Photo of  Kong You Liow

Kong You Liow



I'm a first year PhD student in Astrophysics. My project is to understand how young massive clusters (YMCs) form in the galaxy. A YMC typically has a cluster mass of more than 10,000 solar masses, a density of more than 10,000 solar masses per cubic parsec, an age of less than 100 million years and a small age spread of a few million years. Due to these properties, YMCs are thought to form under extreme conditions. Currently, my focus is to investigate the formation of YMCs via the collision of giant gas clouds by varying the initial collisional speed and the initial density of the clouds. I use PHANTOM (Price et al., 2018), a smoothed particle hydrodynamics code for astrophysics to run my simulations. My supervisors are Dr Clare Dobbs and Prof Tim Naylor


  • PhD in Astrophysics (2018 - present) University of Exeter
  • BSc Physics with Theoretical Physics (2015 - 2018) Imperial College London, 1st Class Honours


  • BSc Project (2018) On the dynamics of globulettes in HII regions by using a semi-analytical approach. Imperial College London. Supervised by Dr Thomas Haworth.
  • DAAD Scholarship (2017) Forced Rayleigh Scattering. Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg. Supervised by Prof Eckhard Bartsch


  • Second-year physics undergraduate laboratory demonstrator (present)
  • Second-year physics undergraduate problem class tutor (present)
  • Physics teacher at Methodist High School, Malacca (2018)