Dr Jane Pratt

JOREK code



The development of the JOREK simulation-code (official website) is part of the ITER fusion project in Cadarache, and has been carried out by an international group of scientists over the last decade.  Early development of JOREK was undertaken as part of project ASTER (Adaptive mhd Simulation of Tokamak Elms for iteR).  The webpage jorek.eu also contains a user portal for documentation and information on the code and its continuing development.

JOREK is a nonlinear 3D reduced-MHD code designed to simulate MHD instabilities in a realistic tokamak geometry.  A full MHD version of JOREK has recently also been developed.   JOREK typically uses a 3rd order Bezier finite-element method (although other orders have been tried and the finite-element method is under active development) and fully-implicit time-integration. The time integration is performed by the PaStiX library or alternatively the MUMPS library and block-Jacobi preconditioning is currently the default operation mode.  Jacobian-free methods are also under development.


Selected Recent Publications from the JOREK code:


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