Dr Jane Pratt

Research Fellow


Telephone: 01392 725249

Extension: (Streatham) 5249

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I'm moving to Georgia State University (USA), please visit my webpage there (link above).



Research interests:

  • Stellar physics: convective transport (of heat, different chemical species), convective penetration, convection and turbulence, radiation, stellar evolution
  • Dynamo mechanisms: turbulence, energetic structure formation
  • MHD turbulence: Lagrangian statistics, tracer particles, energetic particles, turbulence driven by convection
  • Magnetic reconnection, nonlinear saturation of magnetic islands and stabilization of tearing modes in tokamaks using electron cyclotron current drive (ECCD) and radio frequency heating


I collaborate to develop these large parallel codes: MUSIC, JOREK, CSMHD, MHDT

I perform simulations on these computer systems: DiRAC Complexity Cluster, DiRAC Cambridge Data Analytic Cluster, ARCHER, Der Norddeutsche Verbund fuer Hoch- und Hoechstleistungsrechnen (HLRN), IFERC-CSC, Hydra at the RZG, SURFsara, UK-MHD Wardlaw MareNostrum (PRACE), Marconi-Fusion (Eurofusion)

Last year I co-organized Dynamics Days Europe, including two minisymposia on Astrophysical Plasmas and Turbulent Dispersion.

Have a look at my visualizations published in the 2015 ARCHER Image Contest Calendar, produced as part of the UK Turbulence Consortium.

Check out my entry in the Images of Research 2016 contest entry "Elegant Chaos: Supercomputing Turbulence" and poster.

Have a look at my recent tokamak visualization published in the 2016 ARCHER Image Calendar.