Photo of Dr Iddo Amit

Dr Iddo Amit

Associate Research Fellow


I hold a B.Sc. in Chemistry with emphasis on Physical and Theoretical Chemistry from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (2003) and an M.Sc. in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnologies (Magna Cum Laude) from Tel Aviv Univeristy (2010). Between 2003 and 2009 I worked for a research lab, specializing in Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, SEM imaging and thermal analysis. 

My Ph.D. research was focused on quatifying the dopants distribution in silicon nanowires, using Kelvin probe force microscopy, electric transfer proerties and numerical simulations. I obtained my Ph.D. in Physical Electronics in 2015 from Tel Aviv University.

My current research is focused on graphene, TMDCs and their hybrids for optoelectronic applications and basic research. 


List of Publications:

Peer-reviewed journals:

1. A. De Sanctis, I. Amit, R. Keens, S. Hepplestone, M.F. Craciun & S. Russo "Strain-engineered energy funneling in photo-oxidised HfS2" Submitted

2. D. Dimov, I. Amit, M.D. Barnes, M.F. Craciun & S. Russo "Graphene Reinforced Concrete for Structural Applications" Submitted

3. A. De Sanctis, M.D. Barnes, I. Amit, M.F. Craciun & S.Russo "Functionalised hexagonal-domain graphene for position-sensitive photodetectors", Nanotechnology, In Press (2017)

4. I. Amit, T.J. Octon, N.J. Townsend, F. Reale, C.D. Wright, C. Mattevi, M.F. Craciun & S. Russo "Role of Charge Traps in the Performance of Atomically-Thin Transistors", Advanced Materials, In Press (2017)

5. I. Amit*, N. Jeon*, L.J. Lauhon & Y. Rosenwaks, "Impact of Dopant Compensation on Graded p-n Junctions in Si Nanowires" ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 8, 128 (2016)

6. A. Shamir*, I. Amit*, D. Englander, D. Horvitz & Y. Rosenwaks "Potential Barrier Height at the Grain Boundaries of Poly-Silicon Nanowires", Nanotechnology 26, 355201 (2015)  (*equal contributors) 

7. G. Segev, I. Amit, A. Godkin, A. Hening & Y. Rosenwaks “Multiple State EFN Transistor” IEEE Electron Device Letters 36, 651 (2015)

8. A. Hening, N. Swaminathan, A. Godkin, G. Shalev, I. Amit & Y. Rosenwaks “Tunable Diameter Electrostatically-Formed Nanowire for High Sensitivity Gas Sensing” Nano Research, 1-10 (2015)


9. I. Amit*, D. Englander*, D. Horvitz, D. Miller, Y. Sasson & Y. Rosenwaks “Density and Energy Distribution of Interface-States in the Grain-Boundaries of Poly-Silicon Nanowire” Nano Letters 14, 6190 (2014) (*equal contributors)


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13. G. Shalev, G. Landman, I. Amit, Y. Rosenwaks & I. Levy “Specific and Label-free Femtomolar Biomarker Detection with an Electrostatically Formed Nanowire Biosensor” npg Asia Materials 5, e41 (2013)


14. O. Hazut, A. Arunava, I. Amit, T. Subramani, S. Zaidiner, Y. Rosenwaks & R. Yerushalmi “Contact Doping of Silicon Wafers and Nanostructures with Phosphine Oxide Monolayers” ACS Nano 6, 10311 (2012)


15. O. Shaya*, I. Amit*, H. Einati, L. Burstein, Y. Shacham-Diamand & Y. Rosenwaks “The Origin of Molecular Gating by Amine-Terminated Layers” Applied Surface Science 258, 4069 (2010) (*equal contributors)


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1. G. Segev, I. Amit, A. Hening, A. Godkin & Y. Rosenwaks “Multiple State Electrostatically Formed Nanowire Transistor” Filed May 25th, 2014. US Patent Application Number 62/002,865