Mr Henry Fernandez

Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2015)


I completed a Bachelor degree in Physics in 2011 and a Master degree in Physics in 2014 in the University of Chile. My thesis project was titled "Study of the morphology and microstructure of thin copper films deposited onto silicon and mica substrates". The main objective of this project was to explore the correlation between the microstructural properties of vapor deposited thin copper films and their electrical conductance at the nanoscale. From this experience I felt interested in nanostructural and physical properties of the materials and, in particular, in the interaction of coherent monochromatic light in the X-rays range with a crystalline or amorphous material.

During the year 2014 I was contributing as a research assistant to two projects: one related to the study of the mechanical properties of metals where my contribution was to carry out the X-ray diffraction analysis, and the other was related to the study of the environmental polution produced in the surroundings of a copper mine in the north of Chile, where my contribution was to carry out the analysis by transmission electron microscopy.

From my experience in nanostructured materials and their interaction with an X-ray beam and also with an electron beam I felt strongly motivated to explore other kinds of interactions of materials with an electromagnetic field at different scales, so I came to Exeter to work with Professor Bill Barnes and with Professor Saverio Russo in the study of the interaction of light and matter in organic and inorganic materials.