Photo of Dr Hai-Yao Deng

Dr Hai-Yao Deng

Associate Research Fellow


Telephone: 01392 724198

Extension: (Streatham) 4198

Biographical Outline

I received a PhD from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2012 with a thesis in ferroelectrics. I also worked on other subjects such as high temperature superconductors and polymer dynamics as well as open quantum systems. Shortly after finishing my PhD, I visited National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) in Tsukuba, Japan, and joined as a post doc. There I was awarded a two-year fellowship by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) to study the electronic and transport properties of atomic layers such as graphene. I took my current position in Feb. 2016. 

Research Interests

My current effort is focused on plasmonics, topological photonic crystals and nanoelectrochanical systems (NEMS), while I also keep a close eye on the development in the field of hgih Tc superconductors and glassy dynamics in atomic liquids. 

Recent Publications (Here for a complete list)
  • F. Liu, Hai-Yao Deng and K. Wakabayashi, Topological photonic crystals with zero Berry curvature. Physical Review B 97, 035442 (10 pages) (2018, Jan)
  • T. McDermott, Hai-Yao Deng, A. Isacsson and E. Mariani, Strong mechanically induced effects in DC current-biased suspended Josephson junctions. Physical Review B 97, 014526 (10 pages) (2018, Jan)
  • Hai-Yao Deng, Possible instability of the Fermi sea against surface plasma oscillations. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 29, 455002 (10 pages) (2017, Oct)
  • Hai-Yao Deng, Theory of non-retarded ballistic surface plasma waves in metal films. Physical Review B 95, 125442 (13 pages) (2017, Mar)
  • Hai-Yao Deng, K. Wakabayashi and C.-H. Lam, Universal Self-amplification Channel for Surface Plasma Waves. Physical Review B 95, 045428 (10 pages) (2017, Jan)
  • Hai-Yao Deng and K. Wakabayashi, Vacancy effects on electronic and transport properties of graphene nanoribbons, Physical Review B 91, 035425 (13 pages) (2015, Jan)
  • Hai-Yao Deng and K. Wakabayashi, Edge Effect on a Vacancy State in Semi-infinite Graphene, Physical Review B 90, 115413 (13 pages) (2014, Sep)