Photo of Mr George Karkera

Mr George Karkera

Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2015)


Telephone: 01392 725018

Extension: (Streatham) 5018

I completed my MPhys Physics degree at Exeter University where I received the 'Physics Award', given to the top three students in each year. My master's project explored the fabrication and characterisation of solution-processed optoelectric devices based on graphene and hybrid systems. 

In September 2015 I started my PhD as part of the XM2 Centre for Doctoral Training in Metamaterials at Exeter University. My 6-month project involved developing, testing and optimising flexible electroluminescent displays based on functionalised graphene and other novel materials. A paper on this research has been published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. I am currently working on developing reconfigurable plasmonic arrays based on ultrathin metals and functionalsed graphene.