Photo of Miss Emily Glover

Miss Emily Glover

Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2017)


Telephone: 01392 725018

Extension: (Streatham) 5018

I am currently a PhD student at the University of Exeter, in the Centre of Doctoral training in Metamaterials. I graduated from the University of Exeter in 2017 with a BSc Physics. For my final year project, I investigated the superhydrophobicity of the Taro plant, and how this was affected by its surface structure.

My PhD is titled 'Magnetic metamaterials for innovative solutions to the inductive tagging problem', where I am specifically interested in Radio Frequency Information Devices and Acousto-Magnetic tags.


  • 'Phononic Band Engineering For Acousto-Magnetic Tagging', Exeter Acoustics Metamaterials Meeting (XAM3) 2018
  • 'Phononic Band Engineering For Acousto-Magnetic Tagging', Insititute of Acoustics Meeting, September 2018
  • 'Electronic Article Surveillance Tags for Metallic Packaging in the Retail Sector', SET2019- Metamaterials, March 2019
  • 'Tunable Magnetoelastic Phononic Crystals', Phononics 19, June 2019


  • 'A ferrite-filled cavity resonator for electronic article surveillance on metallic packaging', Magnetism 19, April 2019
  • 'Tunable Magnetoelastic Phononic Crystals', Elasticity Day 2019, May 2019


  • Best Poster Prize, Exeter Acoustics Metamaterials Meeting (XAM3) 2018