Prof Alastair P Hibbins

Funded Projects

RCUK projects include

EPSRC Centre of Doctoral Training in Metamaterials (XM2), EPSRC EP/L015331/1, 2014-2022 (PI / Director)

SYMETA (Synthesizing 3D Metamaterials for RF, Microwave and THz Applications) [Dr Gareth Ward], EPSRC EP/N010493/1, 2016-2024 (CI / Deputy Director)

TEAM-A: The tailored electromagnetic and acoustic materials accelerator [Dr Ian Hooper], EPSRC EP/R004781/1, 2017-2022 (CI)


Industry-funded projects include

Acoustic Metamaterials Post Doc [Dr Tim Starkey], DSTL, 2016-2020 (PI)

Hydrodynamic Metamaterials [including Sam Shelley studentship], DSTL, 2014-2018 (PI)

Minimising acoustic reflections using structured surfaces - Studentship [Tom Graham], Thales / EPSRC ICASE, 2014-2018

Flann Microwave - Studentship Top-up [Julia de Pineda Gutiérrez], Flann Microwave, 2016-2020 

High Frequency Magnetics - Studentships [Cameron Gallagher and Conor McKeever], DSTL 2014-2018

Acoustic Waveguiding - Studentship Top-up [Joe Beadle], QinetiQ, 2015-2019

Scattering and Localisation of Microwave Surface Waves - Studentship Top-up [Yulia Duatova], QinetiQ, 2015-2019