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This list only includes Physics and Astronomy based staff. Please refer to the Professional Services staff list for College wide support staff.

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Physics and Astronomy
Dr David Acreman Research Fellow & High Performance Computing (HPC) System Manager
Eugene Alexeev Postgraduate
Amer Alhussain Postgraduate
Ahmad Ali Postgraduate
Nadia Alkhouli Postgraduate
Reem Alsaigh Postgraduate
Ahmed Alzahrani Postgraduate
Dr Iddo Amit Associate Research Fellow
Dr David Skålid Amundsen Associate Research Fellow
Dr Janet Anders Senior Lecturer (Education and Research)
Dr Giuseppe Argentieri Associate Research Fellow
Benjamin Ash Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2014)
Professor Isabelle Baraffe Head of Astrophysics, Professor of Astronomy
Professor Bill Barnes Head of Physics and Astronomy, Professor of Photonics
Matthew Barnes Postgraduate
Professor Hugh Barr Honorary Visiting Professor
Lauren Barr Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2014)
Professor Matthew Bate Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics
Christopher Beckerleg Postgraduate
Dr James Bell Research Fellow
Dr Abdelmalek Benattayallah Senior Experimental Officer
Dr Jacopo Bertolotti Lecturer (Education and Research)
Dr Christine Bloor Honorary University Fellow
Dr Monika Bokori-Brown Research Fellow
Dr Matthew Browning Lecturer in Astrophysics
Dr Chris Brunt Lecturer in Astrophysics
Nick Bukin Postgraduate
Erick Burgos Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2014)
Peter Cantin Honorary University Fellow
Santiago García-Cuevas Carrillo Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2014)
Professor Gilles Chabrier Professor of Astronomy
Dr Wonjun Choi Visitor
Robin Churchill Postgraduate
Louise Clark Postgraduate
Alexander Clowsley Postgraduate
Dr Thomas Constant Associate Research Fellow
Dr Jenna Corcoran Research Fellow
Dr Laura Currie Associate Research Fellow
Kelly Marie Curtis Postgraduate
Carl Davies Postgraduate
Adolfo De Sanctis Postgraduate Researcher
Laicong Deng Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2014)
Lauren Denton Postgraduate
Chinna Devarapu Postgraduate
Dr Clare Dobbs Proleptic Lecturer / Research fellow
Joseph Dockrey Postgraduate
Dr Jennifer Dorney Associate Research Fellow
Tom Douglas Associate Research Fellow
Chris Downs Postgraduate
Benjamin Drummond Postgraduate
Dr Lucia Duarte Associate Research Fellow
Dr Ana Duarte-Cabral Associate Research Fellow
Thomas Duckworth Postgraduate
Christopher Durrant Postgraduate
Dr Matt E Eames Research Fellow
Sneha Eashwer-Singhraj Postgraduate
Ryan Stuart Edginton Postgraduate PhD Student
Paul Elliott Postgraduate
Claire Esau Postgraduate
Dr Tom Evans Associate Research Fellow
Dr Gareth Few Associate Research Fellow
Dr Ewan Finlayson Senior Experimental Officer
Leanne Fullwood Postgraduate
Cameron Gallagher Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2014)
Dr Benjamin Gardner Associate Research Fellow
Dr Natalie Garrett Research Fellow in Biophotonics
Martin Gentile Postgraduate
Dr Christopher Geroux Associate Research Fellow
Dr Adrian Ghita Associate Research Fellow
Dr Thomas Goffrey Associate Research Fellow
Petre Gologan Postgraduate
Thomas Graham Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2014)
Dr Stephen Green Senior Lecturer (Education and Scholarship)
Dr Rebecca Griggs Postgraduate
Professor Tim Harries Associate Professor in Astronomy
Carl Harrison Postgraduate
Dr Jennifer Hatchell Lecturer in Astrophysics
Mark Heath Experimental Officer
Professor Euan Hendry Associate Professor
Daniel Hewson Postgraduate
Professor Alastair P Hibbins Associate Professor in Metamaterial Physics
Professor Robert J Hicken Professor of Condensed Matter Physics
Dr Sasha Hinkley Senior Lecturer
Dr Peter Allen Hobson Honorary University Fellow
Dr Ian Hooper Senior Research Fellow
Samuel Hornett Doctoral Prize Fellowship in Physics
Dr David Horsell Senior Lecturer
Dr Simon Horsley Research Fellow
Hugo Hutt Postgraduate
Professor John Inkson Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics
Oto-Obong Inyang Postgraduate
Lewis Ireland Postgraduate
Dr Omar Jamil Honorary University Fellow
Professor Robert Jones Emeritus Professor
Gareth Jones Postgraduate
Michael Jones Postgraduate Research Student
Peter Karlsen Postgraduate
Dr Tiffany Kataria Research Fellow
Dr Paul Keatley Research Fellow
Dr Catherine Kendall Honorary University Fellow
Christopher King Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2014)
Dr Stephen Kitson Visiting Professor
Dr Jacques Kluska Associate Research Fellow
Dr Lukas Konstandin Associate Research Fellow
Professor Stefan Kraus Associate Professor in Astrophysics
Dr Alexander Kreplin Associate Research Fellow
Professor Volodymyr Kruglyak Associate Professor of Physics
Dr Daniel Lash Research Fellow
Dr Chris Lawrence Visiting Professor
Dr Anna Elzbieta Lewandowska Research Fellow
Benjamin Lewis Postgraduate
Dr Heather Lewtas Honorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Ruisheng Lin Research Fellow
Dr Liangxu Lin Research Fellow
Dr Gavin Rhys Lloyd Honorary University Fellow
Dr Pablo Loren-Aguilar Associate Research Fellow
Thomas Loughran Postgraduate
Ruth Lovelock Postgraduate
Dr Liping Lu Associate Research Fellow
Dr Laureline Mahe Associate Research Fellow
Yaser Abdul Majeed Postgraduate
Dr James Manners Honorary University Fellow
Dr Jessica Mansfield Research Fellow
Dr Eros Mariani Senior Lecturer
Lachlan Marnham Postgraduate
Dr Sean Matt Senior Lecturer
Elisabeth Matthews Postgraduate
Dr Nathan Mayne Lecturer in Astrophysics
Luke McDonald Postgraduates
Conor McKeever Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2014)
Dr Jude Meakin Lecturer (Education and Research)
Jake Mehew Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2014)
Dr Nina Meinzer Associate Research Fellow
James Milton Postgraduate
(Thomas) Andrew Mitchell Research Fellow
Dr Rhiannon Mitchell-Thomas Research Fellow
Professor Julian Moger Associate Professor in Biophotonics
Haidar Mohamad Postgraduate
Christopher Mowat Postgraduate
Alasdair Murray Postgraduate
Dr Fedor Mushenok Research Fellow
Dr Jayakrupakar Nallala Associate Research Fellow
Professor Tim Naylor Norman Lockyer Professor of Astrophysics
Denis Nikiforov Postgraduate
Dr Nikolay Nikolov Associate Research Fellow
Matthew Nixon Postgraduate
Anthony Norton Director, Centre for Energy and the Environment
Dr Sara Nunez-Sanchez Honorary Associate Research Fellow
Toby Octon Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2014)
Dr Feodor Ogrin Senior Lecturer
Dr Derek W Palmer Honorary University Fellow
Dr Francesca Palombo Lecturer in Biomedical Spectroscopy
Alba M Paniagua Diaz Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2014)
George Pantolmos Postgraduate
Laura Parke Postgraduate
Alexander Pearce Postgraduate
Dr Alexis Perry Associate Research Fellow
Dr Peter Petrov Senior Lecturer
Dr Thomas Philbin Lecturer
Matthew Philpott Postgraduate
Svetlana Pitts-Yushchenko Postgraduate
Dr Annette Plaut Senior Lecturer
Dmitry Polyushkin Postgraduate
Professor Frédéric Pont Honorary Fellow
Professor Mikhail (Misha) Portnoi Associate Professor
Dr Caroline Pouya Research Fellow
Dr Jane Pratt Research Fellow
Saad Ramadhan Postgraduate
Jon Rees Postgraduate
Ramon (Moncho) Rey-Raposo Postgraduate
Dr David Rosseinsky Emeritus Professor
Dr John Rowe Senior Experimental Officer
Andrew Rowson Research Fellow
Damian Rumble Postgraduates
Professor Saverio Russo Associate Professor
Felix Sainsbury-Martinez Postgraduate
Dr Sarah Saint-Jalm Associate Research Fellow
Stuart Sale Research Fellow
Professor J Roy Sambles Professor of Experimental Physics
Vasil Saroka Early Stage Researcher
Sathya Sai Seetharaman Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2014)
Darryl Sergison Postgraduate
Dr Leigh Shelford Associate Research Fellow
Sam Shelley Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2014)
Dr Andrey V Shytov Lecturer
Professor David Sing Associate Professor in Astrophysics
Dr Christopher Smith Honorary University Fellow
Professor Christian Soeller Chair in Physical Cell Biology
Tim Spicer Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2014)
Professor Gyaneshwar Srivastava Professor of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Rayko Stantchev Postgraduate
Illia Starshynov Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2014)
Professor Nick Stone Professor of Biomedical Imaging and Biosensing
Dr Sharon Strawbridge Senior Lecturer (Education and Scholarship)
Tom Sturges Postgraduate
Tanwir Tabish Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2014)
Dr Alexandre Teulle Associate Research Fellow
Nicola Townsend Postgraduate
Ben Tremain Postgraduate
Dr Terrence Tricco Research Fellow
Selim Unal Postgraduate
Dr Demet Usanmaz Research Fellow
Dr Alan Usher Reader in Physics
Rob Valkass Postgraduate
Martha Vardaki Postgraduate
Dr Claudio Vergari Research Fellow
Professor Pete Vukusic Professor of BioPhotonics
Hannah Wakeford Postgraduate
Dr Nandula Wanasekara Research Fellow
Dr Chun-Chin Wang Associate Research Fellow
Gareth Ward Postgraduate
Dr Maria Weber Research Fellow
Dr Charles D H Williams Senior Lecturer
Matthew Willson Postgraduate
Tom Wilson Postgraduate
Professor C Peter Winlove Professor of Biophysics
Michael Wood Postgraduate
Claire Woollacott Postgraduate
Professor Adrian F G Wyatt Emeritus Professor
Dr Celal Yelgel Postgraduate
Dr Ovgu Ceyda Yelgel Postgraduate
Emily Young Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2014)
Professor Ian Youngs Honorary Professor
Wei Yu Postgraduate
Sahand Zanjani-Pour Postgraduate