Photo of Dr Abdelmalek Benattayallah

Dr Abdelmalek Benattayallah

Senior Experimental Officer


Telephone: 01392 722147 or 01392 722982

Extension: (Streatham) 2147 or (Streatham) 2982

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I have been at Exeter since 2004, having previously held research position at Hospital of Philipps University, Marburg (Germany).

Research Interests

  • Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)
  • Eye tracking fMRI
  • MR Intravascular Imaging
  • RF Coils Design
  • Lung Imaging Using Hyperpolarized Gas

Key Skills

  • Computing: C/C++, PHP, MySQL, MATLAB and e-Prime
  • Data Analysis:   Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM), MarsBar, Analyze and Eyenal
  • MRI system: SMIS consoles (0.15 Tesla magnet), Siemens (1.0 Tesla Magnetom scanner) and Philips (1.5 Tesla Intera scanner)
  • RF Coil design (linear and qaudrature, single and double tuned).
  • ASL eye-tracking system