Bill Barnes (Strategy, University of Exeter), Alan Usher (Management and Finance, University of Exeter), Simon Bending (University of Bath).

Academic staff


NameResearch area / Lab

Anna Baldycheva

Photonics, Microfluidics (Engineering)
Bill Barnes Photonics, Plasmonics (Physics)
Simon Bending Superconductivity, Ferromagnetism (Physics)
Monica Craciun CVD growth, Multi-layer systems (Engineering)
Enrico Da Como Optoelectronics, nonlinear optics (Physics)
Sergey Gordeev Nanotechnology, mechanics (Physics)
Richard Guy Drug delivery, biosensing (Pharmacy and Pharmacology)
Euan Hendry Ultrafast spectroscopy, THz (Physics)
David Horsell

Electron scattering, Quantum interference (Physics)

Horsell Lab - Specialising in quantum transport, noise and interactions in nanomaterials.

Adelina Ilie Scanning probe, hybrid systems (Physics)
Davide Mattia Lab-on-a-chip, fluidics (Chemical Engineering)
Geoffrey Nash Infra-red optics, Surface acoustic waves (Engineering)
Alain Nogaret Flexible electronics, Spin effects (Physics)
Dan Pantos Supramolecular chemistry (Chemistry)
Sofia Pascu Synthesis of functional materials (Chemistry)
Annette Plaut

Raman spectroscopy, Epitaxial growth (Physics)

Plaut Lab - Specialising in Magneto-Roman graphene.

Saverio Russo

Quantum transport, GraphExeter (Physics)

Russo Lab - Specialising in quantum transport, hybrid structures bi and trilayer graphene.

Rex Tyrrell Biology Of Solar Ultraviolet Radiation (Pharmacy and Pharmacology)
Alan Usher

Magnetic effects, Thermodynamics (Physics)

Usher Lab - Specialising in new state of matter in semiconductors.

Daniel Wolverson Optical spectroscopy, Excitons (Physics)
David Wright Data storage, Memory applications (Engineering)
Shaowei Zhang Nanocomposites Coatings (Engineering)
Yanqiu Zhu Composites, Hydrogen storage (Engineering)


NameResearch area / Group
Simon Crampin Surface and interfacial physics (Numerical)
Robert Jones Doping effects (Numerical)
Eros Mariani

Strain effects, honeycomb lattices (Analytical)

Maraiani Group - Specialising in electromechanical properties of nanomaterials.

Misha Portnoi

Confinement effects, waveguides (Analytical)

Portoni Group - Specialising in optical properties of graphene and carbon nanotubes.

Andrey Shytov

Scattering effects, Noise (Analytical)

Shytov Group - Specilaising in band-gap enginering and transport in quantum systems.

GP Srivastava Thermal effects, Phonons (Numerical)