Research Themes

We undertake pioneering work to explore the interaction of matter with electromagnetic radiation (from x-ray to microwave) and sound.  We investigate how this interaction can be manipulated using materials structured from the nm to the cm scale ("metamaterials").  Our experimental work involves material synthesis and nanofabrication, imaging and characterisation using microwave, ultrafast laser and synchrotron sources.  In parallel, we undertake numerical and analytic theory in quantum optics, quantum information science and spatial transformations.  Our studies are centred around four principal themes.


Metamaterials and Transformation Optics

Experimental and theoretical studies of spatial-coordinate transformations and metamaterials to manipulate electromagnetic and acoustic fields
Prof Roy Sambles, Prof Alastair Hibbins, Prof Bill Barnes, Dr Tom Philbin, Dr Simon Horsley

Natural Photonics and Disordered Systems

Theoretical and experimental investigation and technological application of disordered and naturally evolved photonic systems.
Prof Pete Vukusic and Dr Jacopo Bertolotti.

Plasmonics, and Quantum Optics and Information Science

The study of active and graphene plasmonics, the application of quantum electrodynamics to nanomaterials, and extensions to biophysics
Prof Bill Barnes, Prof Euan Hendry, Dr Janet Anders, Dr Tom Philbin, Dr Simon Horsley

Spintronics and Magnonics

The dynamic processes induced and experienced by spin-polarised electrons in micro and nanostructured magnetic materials.  These magnetic metamaterials operate at microwave frequencies and can be probed using optical frequency plasmons
Prof Rob Hicken, Dr Volodymyr Kruglyak, Dr Feodor Ogrin