Research interests

Research interests

The Astrophysics Group in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences at the University of Exeter is one of the largest groups in the UK studying the formation and evolution of stars and extra-solar planets, using a wide variety of observational facilities, theoretical methods and numerical tools.

Star Formation

How stars and planets form is one of the most fundamental problems in modern astronomy.
Professor Matthew Bate, Dr Chris Brunt, Professor Gilles Chabrier, Professor Tim Harries, Dr Jenny Hatchell, Professor Tim Naylor, Dr Stefan Kraus, Dr Sean Matt, Dr Sasha Hinkley


Planets outside our Solar System can help us answer questions about our Earth and the origin of life.
Professor Isabelle Baraffe, Professor Matthew Bate, Dr David Sing, Dr Sasha Hinkley, Dr Matthew Browning, Dr Nathan Mayne, Professor Stefan Kraus, Dr Eric Hebrard

Stellar Physics

What happens inside a star? We study the physical and evolutionary properties of stars of various masses.
Professor Matthew Bate, Professor Isabelle Baraffe, Dr Matthew Browning, Professor Gilles Chabrier, Dr Sean Matt

Galaxies and the interstellar medium

Understanding the dynamics of galaxies, and the properties of the interstellar medium, is fundamental to explaining how galaxies such as ours evolve and form stars.
Dr Clare Dobbs, Dr Chris Brunt