Stellarium planetarium software

Celestia virtual planetarium software allows you to explore space from Earth.

Outreach-related resources

Astronomy software

  • Stellarium is a free planetarium software that allows you to see the night sky as it appears in real-time, or to set the clock to any date, time and location that you want to. You can speed up the rotation of the Earth to see the night sky move past faster than usual.
  • Celestia is a virtual planetarium software that allows you to not only view the night sky from Earth, but to move off the ground and explore space. It is slightly harder than Stellarium to use, but if you spend an hour or so with the documentation, it allows you to exlore space across a wide range of scales, from the Earth to the Solar System to distant Galaxies.

Practical materials

Stars in the night sky are at different distances from the Earth. To learn about their positions, we can imagine that they lie on a sphere.

  • Tarquin are a commercial supplier of astronomy project book kits, but not too expensive.