A student in the Physics undergraduate teaching lab doing a range of experiments including measuring the speed of light and working out the mass of an electron

Students explore extrasolar planets; a key area of current research for Exeter's astrophysicists

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The Astrophysics Group support schools and public events. In recent years, we have given talks in Devon and Cornwall schools for the Institute of Physics, participated in Big Bang! SW and supported BBC Stargazing Live! astronomy evenings for schools and Exmoor National Park. We also regularly provide speakers to amateur astronomy groups and Cafe Scientifique. A list of our recent and past events can be found in our Astrophysics archive.

Activities we can typically offer include:

  • Astrophysics talks on star formation and extrasolar planets;
  • A 'From Earth to the Universe' exhibition of 30 large-format images of space;
  • telescopes and binoculars;
  • scale models of the Solar System and extrasolar planets;
  • crater making;
  • meteorites.


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