Lecture on the search for new planets and new life

One of the world’s leading experts in studying distant planets is to give her inaugural lecture on the cutting-edge research which is leading the hunt for new worlds and new life.

International summer school 2011

As part of the University’s 2011 International Summer School the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences will be offering a pathway on Climate Change; Technology and Society.

University academic lifts lid on iPhone tracking

A University of Exeter researcher has revealed how he discovered Apple iPhones and iPads are tracking every movement of their owners and storing it in a file on the device.

Invisibility cloak to be unveiled with new research

Becoming invisible with the swish of a cloak as in J K Rowling’s Harry Potter novels could soon be a reality with a £4.5 million research project.

International team to use Hubble Space Telescope to answer key astronomy questions

An international team of scientists led by the University of Exeter is aiming to answer some of the biggest questions facing astronomy today.

Physics postgraduate competes for Team GB

Postgraduate Lizzy Brock, currently studying for a PhD in the Electromagnetic Materials group, in the Physics department, has just returned from competing for Team GB at the World Dragon Boat Racing Championship in Tampa, Florida.

Scientists simulate seashells’ structures

Scientists have successfully created synthetic crystals whose structures and properties mimic those of naturally-occurring biominerals such as seashells.

Exeter physicist advances early universe theory

Research by a University of Exeter astrophysicist has helped to explain how the first stars and galaxies formed.

New buildings will be safer in the heat thanks to climate change study

New buildings should be safer in hot weather, thanks to research led by the University of Exeter.

From Exeter to Benin – physics communicator takes the prize

A University of Exeter astrophysicist and a Cardiff-based Research Engineer for EADS have won the Institute of Physics’ (IOP) inaugural Early Career Communicators’ Award for the inspirational activities they have undertaken to introduce a diverse range of people to the wonders of physics.