Project Juno

Project Juno Summary

Project Juno is a scheme run by the Institute of Physics (IoP) which recognises good practice in relation to gender equality in Physics Departments. The aim is to promote an inclusive and equitable working culture within Physics, and to tackle any practical, structural or cultural barriers faced by women within the department. There are four levels to the Juno process – Supporter, Practitioner, Champion and the Juno Excellence Programme and Award.

Physics at Exeter was awarded Juno Champion status in 2018 after previously being awarded and renewing Practitioner status in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

If you would like to be involved or have any suggestions, please contact the department's Juno Champion Dr Jude Meakin.

The Juno Principles

In order to achieve a Champion award, the department has to demonstrate that they have embedded the following Juno principles throughout the department.

  1. A robust organisational framework to deliver equality of opportunity and reward;
  2. Appointment and selection processes and procedures that encourage men and women to apply for academic posts at all levels;
  3. Departmental structures and systems which support and encourage the career progression and promotion of all staff and enable men and women to progress and continue in their careers;
  4. Departmental organisation, structure, management arrangements and culture that are open, inclusive and transparent and encourage the participation of all staff;
  5. Flexible approaches and provisions that enable individuals, at all career and life stages, to optimise their contribution to their department, institution and to SET;
  6. An environment where professional conduct is embedded into departmental culture and behaviour.

For more information on Project Juno, please see the IOP Juno website.