Introduction from the Head of Department

I am fully committed to providing a working environment where people from all genders and backgrounds are treated equally and given the opportunity to thrive. We are working to continually identify and address any barriers to women entering science and advancing to the highest levels. Working with the Institute of Physics’ Project Juno and the Equality Challenge Unit’s Athena Swan Charter we are striving to overcome under-representation of women in science. Finally, as a father I want my daughter to have the same opportunities to succeed that I have had.

Professor Nick Stone

Head of Department for Physics and Astronomy

College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences


As part of our commitment to inclusivity we would like to welcome staff and students to share feedback with us on working and studying within the Physics department. Feedback will be analysed by the Working Group and translated into actions for improvement within the department, to promote a 'best practice' working environment for ALL staff. Please send feedback using this form.