Exeter Maths School

The School is located in Rougemont Gardens

Exeter Mathematics School

Exeter Mathematics School (EMS) is a state maintained 6th form school that is jointly sponsored by the University of Exeter and Exeter College. Opened in September 2014, members of staff from both institutions work closely with the EMS staff to sustain an environment and curriculum conducive to the development of brilliant mathematicians. The school aims to raise aspirations among mathematically able young people, helping to enhance the supply of capable undergraduates in mathematics, and closely related fields, such as statistics and computer science with the potential to become the mathematicians whose work underpins the technological innovation of tomorrow.

Beginning as young as Year 6 through to Year 11, EMS continues to deliver and develop a targeted outreach programme specifically for those students who clearly demonstrate a mathematical aptitude to thrive in a specialist mathematical environment. The outreach programme includes a range of activities for all students as well as some specific activities to help prepare those students who potentially might be or who are coming to the Exeter Mathematics School. It is our intention to support students throughout their secondary school career, regardless of whether or not they decide to apply for a place in our 6th form.

As part of the outreach programme, a teachers’ network has been established: this new, cross-phase, network is designed to support collaboration between KS4 and KS5 teachers of mathematics. Meetings are held after school, once a term and are free to attend.

For more information on our outreach activities visit our website: www.exetermathematicsschool.ac.uk or contact Sophie House.

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