CALM worked with Exeter Phoenix to design trophies for a film festival.

Artists engage with 3D printing technology

CALM has teamed up with Exeter Phoenix to offer artists the opportunity to explore the emerging technologies of 3D printing.

Representatives from Exeter Phoenix arts centre attended a 3D printing workshop at the Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing, and were excited by the potential they saw for using the technology in the creative sector. CALM then worked with Exeter Phoenix on a follow-on piece of work designing trophies for a film festival, creating individualised pieces to specification.

As a result of this collaboration, CALM and Phoenix have joined together to offer a day long workshop for artists who are interested in investigating ways that this technology could be used to develop or bring new possibilities into their practice. Artists will be introduced to the technology at the centre, and will be able to explore the potential uses of additive layer manufacturing. They will have the opportunity to develop and produce a new piece of three dimensional work at a further workshop. The initiative will bring together about 30 representatives of the arts and crafts industries from around the South West.

Members of staff, students and the general public will be able to view the art created as a result of this collaboration at both the Phoenix arts centre in Exeter city centre and here at the University.

Additive layer manufacturing is a manufacturing process whereby a real object is created from a 3D computer-modelled design. The digital model is sent to a 3D printer that can print the design, layer by layer, in a variety of materials to form a real object.  

CALM’s vision is to generate greater value to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the South West through sharing their expertise in additive manufacturing technologies. CALM is promoting this innovative and versatile new method of manufacturing parts and components across numerous sectors. The project with Exeter Phoenix is just one example of the exciting work currently taking place in collaboration with businesses across the region.

CALM is supported by EADS and is part financed by the European Union with £1.5M from the European Regional Development Fund 2007-2013, under the competitiveness operating programme.

For more information on opportunities to work with CALM, please visit their web pages.

Date: 3 April 2012

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