This new appointment will benefit CSM as it raises CSM’s profile in the area of mine safety.

CSM collaboration with Canadian University

Dr Pat Foster, of Camborne School of Mines, has recently been appointed Adjunct Professor at Laurentian University, Canada in order to collaborate on health and safety risk management research, education and training of students and local mining industry professionals.

This is a five year contracted position at Laurentian University, at the heart of the Sudbury mining district in Canada. CSM already has various research and teaching links with Laurentian. Dr Foster has existing links with the university and Professor Dean Millar at Laurentian is a former member of CSM staff and is now a Visiting Professor with CSM.   

Dr Patrick Foster is a Senior Lecturer in Mining Engineering at the Camborne School of Mines where he lectures and undertakes research into the health, safety and working environment aspects of mining and quarrying. His particular research interests are in safety management systems, human factors, risk management, surveying and underground communications.

To date, Dr Foster has been involved with Laurentian in delivering courses and growing capacity in safety risk management to Senior Managers and Executives from local mining companies (predominately DeBeers Canada) in Toronto, Sudbury and Timmins. He has also run a special workshop on managing major hazards, and has been asked to provide more assistance on this. Dr Foster is currently working with Professor Millar and Glen Lyle from CEMI (Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation) to submit a research proposal on this, and they are also preparing papers for Canadian Journals and Mine safety events to promote this work.

This new appointment will benefit CSM as it raises CSM’s profile in the area of mine safety, an example of working with industry to deliver impact in the form of improved safety performance.

Professor Frances Wall, Head of Camborne School of Mines says “We expect to gain from further links to the Canadian and wider international mining industry through Pat’s research and teaching.”

Date: 22 March 2012

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