University releases International Exeter film

The University of Exeter has released a film about the growing international nature of the University - now ranked for the first time as a World Top-200 University.

South West and London Universities join forces for Systems and Control seminar series

Researchers and postgraduate students collaborate for their yearly seminar series on recent developments in Systems and Control Theory and its applications.

More than 100 PhD funding awards for 2011 entry

The University of Exeter is offering more than 100 funding awards for PhD students to show its commitment to developing the next generation of researchers.

Exeter astrophysicist awarded prestigious medal

A University of Exeter professor who is one of the world’s leading experts in studying distant planets has been honoured by the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) for his outstanding work.

University to host engineering expert

Issues from tidal renewable energy to the workings of the human heart will be on the agenda for research collaboration when the University of Exeter hosts a leading engineering expert from the USA.

International Summer School 2011

As part of the University’s 2011 International Summer School the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences are presenting a three week 10 credit course on climate change

Lecture on the search for new planets and new life

One of the world’s leading experts in studying distant planets is to give her inaugural lecture on the cutting-edge research which is leading the hunt for new worlds and new life.

Event to encourage careers in computing

Sixth-form students will hear presentations from Google and Lloyds Banking Group among others as part of an event to promote careers in computing.

Artificial Intelligence games day

University of Exeter computer science PhD students are hosting an Artificial Intelligence day, including guests from leading games companies in the UK

International summer school 2011

As part of the University’s 2011 International Summer School the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences will be offering a pathway on Climate Change; Technology and Society.

University academic lifts lid on iPhone tracking

A University of Exeter researcher has revealed how he discovered Apple iPhones and iPads are tracking every movement of their owners and storing it in a file on the device.

CSM postgraduates awarded funding from the Society of Economic Geologists

PhD students Dan Parvaz and Ben Snook have been awarded $2000 and $2500, respectively, by the Hugh E. McKinstry Fund of the Society of Economic Geologists for fieldwork and laboratory activities.

The tiny beautiful world of nanomaterials

The miraculous world of the nanomaterials which are revolutionising our lives will be the focus of a public lecture by one of the University of Exeter’s leading academics.

Endangered elements: What is the future for modern technology?

The Times Cheltenham Science Festival; From iPods to wind turbines, modern technology contains components made from rare earth elements, many of which are becoming increasingly difficult to source.

The future of manufacturing comes to Exeter

A £2.6 million facility at the University of Exeter is set to become a leading centre for a manufacturing technique which could revolutionise the way things are made.

Exeter study brings brain-like computing a step closer to reality

The development of ‘brain-like’ computers has taken a major step forward today with the publication of research led by the University of Exeter.

International prize brings future of artificial intelligence to Exeter

It is a proposition straight from the realms of sci-fi – can we create machines that imitate humans so well that we can no longer tell the difference?

Chocolate research shapes the future of gift shopping

Manufacturing and retail could get a boost from a newly-developed 3D chocolate printer.

Invisibility cloak to be unveiled with new research

Becoming invisible with the swish of a cloak as in J K Rowling’s Harry Potter novels could soon be a reality with a £4.5 million research project.

University of Exeter receives additional Grand Challenges Explorations funding

The University of Exeter announced today that it will receive additional funding through Grand Challenges Explorations, an initiative created by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Aspiring Students Dig Out Mining Careers

From 18th to 21st July, twenty-seven aspiring young engineers from across the UK enjoyed a unique learning experience at the University of Exeter’s Cornwall Campus, near Penryn.

Diane finds paradise through geology

Cornwall Campus student Diane Paradise is celebrating her University of Exeter graduation and a new career in Africa, while her daughter prepares to start university in Wales.

Physics researchers collaborate with Diamond Light Source to study magnetic materials

Impressive results from experiments on magnetic lensless imaging by Fourier transform holography using extended references have significant potential for the future in high-resolution magnetic x-ray imaging.

International team to use Hubble Space Telescope to answer key astronomy questions

An international team of scientists led by the University of Exeter is aiming to answer some of the biggest questions facing astronomy today.

Physics postgraduate competes for Team GB

Postgraduate Lizzy Brock, currently studying for a PhD in the Electromagnetic Materials group, in the Physics department, has just returned from competing for Team GB at the World Dragon Boat Racing Championship in Tampa, Florida.

Engineers find leaky pipes with Artificial Intelligence

University of Exeter engineers have pioneered new methods for detecting leaky pipes and identifying flood risks with technologies normally used for computer game graphics and Artificial Intelligence.

Scientists simulate seashells’ structures

Scientists have successfully created synthetic crystals whose structures and properties mimic those of naturally-occurring biominerals such as seashells.

Exeter academic explains chemical ‘risk list’

A University of Exeter academic has spoken about the many chemical elements we rely on that are at risk.

University invites businesses to the future of manufacturing

Businesses that are producing prototypes and developing products can now benefit from a pioneering £2.6 million facility at the University of Exeter.

University Launches Joint Science & Sport Scholarships

The College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, in partnership with the University’s High Performance Unit, has launched a new student scholarship programme.

Exeter physicist advances early universe theory

Research by a University of Exeter astrophysicist has helped to explain how the first stars and galaxies formed.

Minister of State for Universities and Science visits Exeter

Minister of State for Universities and Science David Willetts MP visited the University of Exeter’s Streatham Campus on Monday 26 September.

University graduate helps secure cricket success

Former University of Exeter 1st team cricket captain and engineering graduate Stephen Moore has helped Lancashire secure the 2011 County Championships for the first time since 1934.

New buildings will be safer in the heat thanks to climate change study

New buildings should be safer in hot weather, thanks to research led by the University of Exeter.

Exeter City FC and the University kick off new partnership

Exeter’s football club and university have formed a new partnership designed to improve services to fans and provide vital work experience for students.

Clustered hurricanes reduce impact on ecosystems

New research has found that hurricane activity is 'clustered' rather than random, which has important long-term implications for coastal ecosystems and human population. 

Exeter leads search for intelligent computer

The University of Exeter will lead the search for an intelligent computer when it hosts the 2011 Loebner Prize on Wednesday 19 October.

Falmouth set to host wave energy test site

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners (FHC) and The Crown Estate have signed a lease to create FabTest, a new wave energy ‘nursery’ test site in Falmouth Bay on the south coast of Cornwall.

From Exeter to Benin – physics communicator takes the prize

A University of Exeter astrophysicist and a Cardiff-based Research Engineer for EADS have won the Institute of Physics’ (IOP) inaugural Early Career Communicators’ Award for the inspirational activities they have undertaken to introduce a diverse range of people to the wonders of physics.

Limited options for meeting 2°C warming target, warn climate change experts

We will only achieve the target of limiting global warming to safe levels if carbon dioxide emissions begin to fall within the next two decades and eventually decrease to zero.

First Exeter Impact Awards – winners announced

During a glittering ceremony last night in the Great Hall, the winners of the inaugural University of Exeter Impact Awards were revealed.

University and Geological Survey join together in a critical alliance

In response to growing unease over supply of critical metals for high-tech manufacturing and green technologies, the British Geological Survey (BGS) and the University of Exeter have agreed to join forces in a new initiative to improve research capability in this vital area.

New regional Statistics group launched at Exeter

Jointly funded by the University and Exeter-based Select Statistics, the Exeter Initiative for Statistics and its Applications (ExIStA) will promote the region’s statistical expertise and open the door for possible collaboration between private and public sector organisations.

Exeter outreach video resources promoted nationally

An outreach project led by the University to inspire students to study science subjects at university has recently been featured as ‘Project of the Week’ by the National STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programme.