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Wednesday 23 Sep 2020[Seminar] Evolution of protoplanetary disks in different environments: The long road to Westerlund1

Mario Guarcello - INAF, Observatory of Palermo

Reomte seminar 14:00-15:00

In the last decade, a lot of effort has been put to demonstrate, both with observations and theoretical studies, that the star forming environment can affect the dispersion timescale of protoplanetary disks. This is a consequence of the gravitational interaction between young stars in dense clusters, and mainly of the externally induced photoevaporation driven by the UV radiation emitted by the massive cluster members. Since planets form in the protoplanetary disks, these studies have important implications on the Galactic environments suitable for the formation of planetary systems. I will discuss the status of art of the studies on the feedback provided by the environment on disk dispersion, and present for the first time the project Extended Westerlund One Chandra Survey (EWOCS), which is aimed also to explore disk evolution in the starburst cluster Westerlund 1.

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