Monday 12 May 2014The (un)reliability of contour curves

Finn Lindgren - University of Bath

Harrison 004 15:00-16:00

Despite the ubiquitous use of contour plots for visualising estimated
spatial fields, the uncertainty associated with such curves has been
given a surprisingly small amount of attention.
I'll present an approach that connects with the dual problem of
estimating the uncertainty of excursion sets, leading to a more
stringent formulation of the problem.
Computational methods are constructed for practical use in
geostatistics and medical imaging, that in particular can be applied
to Gaussian Markov random fields, and used in combination with
integrated nested Laplace approximations for efficient Bayesian

Bolin and Lindgren (2014), JRSSB:
Excursion and contour uncertainty regions for latent Gaussian models

Bolin and Lindgren, R package "excursions"

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