Monday 10 Mar 2014A Critical View of Flare Energetics (Taylor and Francis sponsored)

Hugh Hudson - University of Glasgow/ Berkeley

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

In the conventional view, flare energy accumulates magnetically in
the corona prior to its sudden release. This kind of bursty behavior
appears in other natural systems, and the solar case is one we
can study with image-resolved and stereoscopic remote sensing, and
some direct in-situ data as well. I will discuss a small part of
the current flood of data from an amazing array of telescopes and
detectors. Some of the newest discoveries involve the emission of
MeV-energy neutral atoms, remarkable gamma-ray observations, and
the "tail-wags-the-dog" inference from flare-induced acoustic waves
in the solar interior. The presentation will be mainly observational,
and focused on the electrodynamics of the flare energy and mass

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