Thursday 17 Oct 2013Magnonics: from fundamentals to applications

Dr Yat-Yin Au - Engineering, CEMPS, University of Exeter

HAR/170 (3D Visualisation Suite) 14:00-15:00

Given that conventional silicon based microelectronics upgrading year by year according to Moore's law would soon be hitting the ceiling due to limitation set by physical laws, scientists are searching for alternative scheme to carry on the continuous improvement in computation and data processing. This led to in the last two decades the emergence of "-onics" studies such as spintronics, photonics, plasmonics etc. In this seminar we are going to visit a relative non-mainstream "-onics" study, namely "magnonics", which is based on "magnon", a quasi-particle related to spin wave excitation in magnetic system. We will show that the field of "magnonics" is closely related to spintronics and traditional microwave technology. Starting with basic physical principle, we would go through several main techniques to characterizes magnonic devices/elements and subsequently review their potential applications. In the end we would also review some recent activities and results from here in Exeter and try to conjure their future possible developments.

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