Wednesday 22 May 2013Confronting Oceanic Scale Numerical Plankton Models with Observational Data

John Bruun - Environmental Statistics and Modelling Science, Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Plymouth University, Fitzroy Building 210 15:00-16:00

The Ocean biological ecosystem is dominated by the plankton micro-organisms that exist in the surface 100 m of the ocean. This Oceanic plant based growth and decline is currently understood to be responsible for 50% of the Global oxygen production through photo-synthesis. To develop future predictions of the biological impact that will happen due to climate change scenario's it is important to enhance existing biogeochemical numerical models through a comparison with Ocean sample (in situ) data and satellite observation time series. In this talk we discuss the current challenges to doing this, introduce the GreenSeas Analysis Framework, an EU FP7 output, and explain how statistical analysis approaches, including time series methods are used to help progress the development of more refined biogeochemical numerical models.
The talk will be illustrated with case studies from the Arctic, the Atlantic and the Southern Ocean.

For more details contact Luciana Dalla Valle (tel: 01752 586319, email:

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