Wednesday 07 May 2014Massive Star Formation in Cygnus-X (11:30AM)

Dr Ana Duarte Cabral - University of Exeter

Physics, 4th floor 11:30-12:30

It is yet to be understood how massive stars gather their mass at the early stages of their formation. While models debate on whether high-mass prestellar cores exist, or if massive stars gather their mass exclusively from the large-scale collapse of molecular clouds, observational evidences of either scenarios are hardly conclusive. Today we are beginning to shed some light on this issue, with the possibility of observing the early stages of the formation of the rare high-mass stars in our Galaxy with increasing resolution and sensitivity. In this talk I will present a PdBI study of a sample of very young high-mass protostars in the nearby Cygnus-X complex, which unravels some important properties of the mass accretion onto individual high-mass protostars, and may provide hints on the origin of the material that ultimately incorporates massive stars.

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