Wednesday 06 Nov 2013Shedding light on the dark ages of star formation: Dense gas kinematics and core formation

Dr Nicolas Peretto - Cardiff University

Physics, 4th floor 14:00-15:00

Observational star formation is going through exciting times. The far-infrared Herschel space observatory and the (sub-)millimetre interferometer ALMA are giving us the opportunity to probe the sky like never before. Mostly thanks to Herschel, it has been realised that cold interstellar clouds are structured by complex networks of filaments, and this for all type of clouds, i.e. non star-forming, low-mass star-forming, and massive star-forming ones. In this talk I will present recent IRAM 30m and ALMA observations of the dense gas kinematics observed towards a number of filamentary star-forming regions. I will discuss the impact of cloud morphology and kinematics on the determination of core masses.

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