Wednesday 25 Sep 2013Formation of different cloud structures at HII boundaries

Dr Jingqi Miao - University of Kent

Physics, 4th floor 14:00-15:00

The interplay of the UV radiation from OB stars and surrounding interstellar medium creates the most intriguing structures discovered at HII boundaries: single structure Bright Rimmed Cloud (BRC) in different morphologies or group of elephant trunks like Eager Nebula. UV radiation triggered single/multiple/sequential star formation found at the tips/heads of these structures provide us excellent opportunity to investigate the efficiency of triggered star formation by the radiation feedback from OB stars to their surroundings.
In this talk, a summary of our recent work will be presented to illustrate the dependence of the morphology of the molecular clouds at HII boundaries on the initial physical and geometrical conditions of the molecular clouds, and the prospect of UV radiation triggered single or multiple star formation in various molecular clouds at HII boundaries.

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