Tuesday 30 Apr 2013CliMathNet Seminar: Sensing the natural world

Marion Scott - University of Glasgow

Harrison 209 16:00-17:00

Grand environmental challenges are spread across a host of different environmental media and issues including climate change, carbon in soils, water and air, water quality and quantity, air pollution, transport and the urban environment, radioactivity, biodiversity and landscape fragmentation. Grand technology issues include: development of sensors able to measure pollutants such as pm2.5, nitrates, novel organic compounds (e.g. pharmaceuticals) at environmental levels (such as ppb), integration and synthesis of observations from a variety of sensor networks, development of statistical models to handle large data sets and visualisation and communication challenges. Improvements in monitoring impact will significantly enhance our ability to detect and attribute change (in the presence of considerable natural variability). In this presentation, I will consider a variety of environmental change situations and think about the distinguishing statistical techniques that are needed.

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