Tuesday 18 Mar 2014Water efficiency in buildings: Where do we go from here

Dr Kemi Adeyeye - Brighton University

Harrison room 170 14:00-15:00

Water efficiency in buildings in more or less integrated into policy and regulatory provisions in the UK. As a result promoting water efficiency is required of water company offerings to customers in England and Wales, and there is a water efficiency requirement in the building regulations for England and Wales. Furthermore, with the recent launch of the Water Label, along other voluntary instruments, customers and water users are being encouraged towards the increased capacity and empowerment to be water efficient.
So what do we know? We know that there are physical, sociological, psychological, economic and legislative factors that inform or affect water efficiency in buildings. Each of these factors has been studies individually and collectively to some extent. Therefore, this lecture will briefly present an overview of these factors underpinned by findings from recent studies. There are also arguments that the water efficiency ‘movement’ has reached a critical juncture where there is a need to review what has been achieved so far and where to go next. Therefore, this lecture will also discuss the impact of ongoing measures and raise critical questions to inform the next steps for the promotion of water efficiency in buildings particularly in the UK.

The presenter's Bio:
Dr Kemi Adeyeye currently works at the University of Brighton where she teaches and conducts research on various aspects of building design and technology, resource efficiency and use. Her academic and professional background is in architecture, building development, adaptation and optimised delivery as well as post-occupancy processes. Her water efficiency research focusses on finding integrated solutions; People, Process, Product and how these systems-led solutions can be implemented in buildings for long term results. Her research also focusses on finding collaborative solutions to water resource issues. Therefore, majority of her work is carried out with industry partners.
She was a DEFRA/EPSRC research fellow. She is Co-Director of the advanced technologies in Built Environment, Architecture & Construction (@BEACON) research group. At the University, she also manages the collaborative Water Efficiency Lab and initiated and manages the DEFRA funded Water Efficiency in Buildings Network. With industry and academic members, the network aim is to propose and promote knowledge-based yet practical water efficiency solutions for policy, industry and building users. She edited the recently published book, titled: Water Efficiency in Buildings: Theory and Practice.

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