Tuesday 11 Mar 2014Cost Effective Optimization of the Urban Wastewater System in Eindhoven by Integrated Modelling

Lorenzo Benedetti - Waterways

Harrison room 170 14:00-15:00

Abstract: The KALLISTO project aims at finding cost-efficient measures to meet the Water Framework Directive goals for the Dommel River (The Netherlands). Both acute and long-term impacts of the urban wastewater system (wastewater treatment plant and sewers) on the chemical and ecological quality of the river are studied. The quality criteria are defined in terms of thresholds for low DO and high NH4 in several combinations of frequency and duration of exceedance, to be used in the evaluation of scenarios simulated for long periods (e.g. 10 years). This framework was applied to evaluate the water quality at six river sections, together with the capital and operational costs of measures.
An integrated model, which proved to be a powerful tool to analyze the interactions within the integrated urban wastewater system, was used to evaluate measures using the existing and new infrastructure and real-time control strategies.

Bio: Dr Lorenzo Benedetti is an independent consultant with WATERWAYS, based in Florence (Italy). He received an MSc in Environmental Engineering from University of Florence (Italy) in 1999 and a PhD from Ghent University in 2006. He has 15 years of experience in modelling of integrated wastewater systems (sewers, treatment plants, rivers), WWTP control, optimisation and upgrade, probabilistic design, river water quality modelling, simplified sewer modelling, model interfacing and integration, uncertainty and sensitivity analysis, and priority pollutants. From 2010, he is Chairman of the IWA Working Group on Modelling of Integrated Urban Water Systems and Secretary of the IWA Design and Operations Uncertainty Task Group.

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