Tuesday 04 Mar 2014Towards Accurate Coastal Modelling

Jun Zang - Bath University

Harrison room 170 14:00-15:00

Accurate modelling of wave propagations from offshore to shore and the impact of violent waves on coastal structures have been a very challenging task due to the complex violent wave motions in the free surface and the wave breaking involved in the process. In the past, Boussinesq approximations have been widely used in coastal modelling. But the Boussinesq approximation is applicable to fairly long waves in shallow water, it is very difficult to correctly simulate strongly non-linear wave propagations and interactions with coastal structures using such technique.
In the seminar, Dr. Zang will present their recent research in the modelling of non-linear wave transformations over submerged breakwater, propagation and overturning of a solitary wave over a continental shelf, and breaking wave impact on vertical seawall. She will also discuss the importance of higher order wave harmonics in the wave transformations in shallow water.

Dr. Jun Zang is a Reader in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, University of Bath. Prior to joining Bath in 2007, she was a Departmental Lecturer at University of Oxford after having worked in various positions at both universities and industry. Her current research concerns the hydrodynamic loadings on urban, coastal and offshore structures and the impact of extreme events on such structures. Her research group at Bath is one of the leading groups in developing and using advanced CFD tools in modelling fluid-structure interactions, urban and coastal flooding, and violent wave impact on coastal and offshore structures.

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