Tuesday 21 Jan 2014New York City’s water supply system

Ian A Crossley - Hazen and Sawyer

Harrison 170 14:00-15:00

New York City’s drinking water supply system supplies over 8 million people using three main watersheds; two in the Catskill Mountains, 125 miles from the City, and the Croton Reservoir system, 40 miles north of the City. The water is carried in three aqueducts to balancing reservoirs that feed the City. Over the last decade two new huge treatment facilities have been added to the system; the 8,000 Ml/d Catskill-Delaware Ultraviolet (UV) Facility for the Catskill and Delaware sources, and the Croton 1,100 Ml/d Dissolved Air Flotation Clarification, Filtration and UV Water Treatment Plant. These projects are the largest of their type in the World, use state-of-the-art technologies, and represent an investment of nearly $4 billion.
Mr. Ian Crossley, CEng, will present an overview of this water system, with a focus on the design and construction of the newly commissioned treatment facilities. Mr. Crossley, who is now retired, was one of the design leaders for these projects.

Biography for Mr. Ian Crossley

Ian Crossley has been involved in designing water treatment plants since the early 1970s.
He is a Chartered Engineer, the English equivalent of PE. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Leeds University and an MS in Engineering Design from Loughborough University, both located in the United Kingdom.
He spent over two decades in England working on projects with a variety of different technologies, such as reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, high rate clarification, dissolved air flotation, deep bed multi-media filtration, ozonation, GAC, ion exchange and chemical dosing facilities.
Since coming to the USA in 1994, he has worked on projects large and small, and enjoyed them all.
In particular, he is one of the design leaders for New York City’s 290-mgd dissolved air flotation, filtration and UV treatment plant for the Croton supply and the City’s 2,020 mgd UV Facility for the Catskill Delaware supply.
On a smaller scale, he has been involved in designing water treatment plants (WTPs) ranging from 1 to 30 mgd in capacity, such as the 8 mgd Peekskill WTP in Westchester County.
Ian is Director of Water Facilities Design at Hazen and Sawyer, a consulting engineering firm which has its head quarters in Manhattan, New York.

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