Tuesday 22 Oct 2013(How) Do you consider the quality of data you use?

Dr Nemanja Branisvljevic - University of Exeter

Room 170 Harrison 14:00-15:00

Data play essential role in water engineering. It is worth noting that everything in the water engineering, one way or another, is related to data. This talk will focus on data quality as one of the most important, but sometimes (unintentionally) neglected, features of data. Since the data quality may be considered from various perspectives (accuracy, completeness, etc.), data quality assessment and improvement may become quite vague and unclear, requiring a professional on both data quality field and the field the data is related to. On the other hand, the data volume, variety and velocity make some traditional manual methods unsuitable, urging for automatic, preferably real-time algorithms. In this presentation, the data quality is introduced to the audience by presenting the major data quality assessment and improvement methods, from traditional ones based on human perception to the most sophisticated robust data validation algorithms, based on mathematical models and statistical relations.

Nemanja Branisvljevic, assistant research fellow at the CWS, University of Exeter, started his academic career after his graduation in 2002 on the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade, as teaching and research assistant, on courses Fluid Mechanics and Measurements in Water Engineering. He got his MSc and PhD degree at the same University in 2008 and 2012 respectively. His main field of research is data management in various water related applications, like data quality assessment and improvement, data assimilation, data uncertainty analysis, etc.

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