Tuesday 21 May 2013Title-Greywater reuse, scale, opportunities and impediments

Prof Eran Friedler -

Harrison 170 14:00-15:00

Due to population growth and increasing water scarcity, pressure on existing water resources continues to grow all over the globe. One possibility for alleviating this everlasting pressure is to develop alternative water sources. Decentralised greywater treatment and reuse can act as an alternative water source, reducing domestic water consumption and thus contributing to more sustainable use of water within urban areas. Indeed in recent years, greywater reuse is gaining attention both by practitioners and researchers, with tens or hundreds million units worldwide. However, GW contains various pollutants that potentially can pose threat to public health and impair the environment. Thus, its reuse should be performed after proper treatment. In the talk the water saving potential for different options of greywater reuse will be assessed on a national level; motivations and impediments will be discussed; the associated risks will be analysed; some case studies will be described shortly and the reliability of some full-scale systems will be assessed.

Eran Friedler is an associate professor in the Department of Env. Water and Agr. Eng. in the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. He is also a member of the Grand Water Research Institute in the Technion, and a research fellow in the Samuel Neaman Inst. for Advanced Studies in Science & Technology where he coordinates the Water Forum. During the last five years he was the academic coordinator of the Environmental Engineering course of studies (undergrads), and the head of the teaching committee in his department. His main research interests are development of alternative water sources and their influence on sustainable urban water use, extensive wastewater treatment processes, and catchment basin management for water quality. His research involves experimental and modelling work. Eran currently supervises two PhD and four MSc (MRes) students. He has co-authored 49 papers in international peer-reviewed journals, five book chapters and over 50 conference papers.

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