Wednesday 27 Feb 2013Atmospheric spectroscopy of terrestrial exoplanets - CANCELLED.

Dr Mark Claire - University of East Anglia

Physics, 4th floor 14:00-15:00

This seminar has been CANCELLED.

Atmospheric spectroscopy of terrestrial exoplanets - pushing the boundaries of atmospheric models

Atmospheres provide a vital observable window into many astronomical objects. Spectra can yield strong clues to the physics and chemistry of optically-thin regions, but only when paired with detailed radiative-transfer models of the underlying phenomenon. Given the rapidly developing techniques of transit spectroscopy and prospects for future flagship space telescopes, spectroscopy is increasingly relevant to exoplanetary atmospheres, necessitating a focus on improving the underlying models. This talk will explore models of terrestrial atmospheric chemistry with a spotlight on aspects that will constrain future exoplanetary spectra. I'll discuss examples from past and ongoing work, including new insights into the effect of stellar spectra (Mdwarfs, early Sun) on atmospheric chemistry, new methods to measure atmospheric pressure, and the 'holy grail' of astrobiology - the detection of biosignatures in an exoplanetary atmosphere.

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