Monday 03 Dec 2012Computational model based data integration

Prof Thomas Sauter - Luxembourg University

Harrison 103 15:00-16:00

In the omics era it becomes more and more important to establish tools and methods which allow for an integration of different data types with existing biological knowledge, as a basis for a subsequent network analysis. Our research in molecular systems biology is focused on the development of mathematical model based integration methods for the analysis of metabolic and regulatory networks. In the talk I will illustrate some methods with examples from our research.
In particular I will first discuss a data integration and visualization tool for the integrated analysis of transcript level regulation of metabolism during adipocyte differentiation. The underlying model is constraint based. One focus lays thereby on the development of efficient algorithms for the construction of compact cell-type specific metabolic networks. Secondly, I will discuss the application of probabilistic Boolean network modeling for the curation of cancer specific PDGFR signaling.

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