Thursday 29 Nov 2012FMG Seminar: Electron Microscopic Investigation of Defects in Solids

Professor Wuzong Zhou (St Andrews) - School of Chemistry, University of St. Andrews

HAR/170 (3D Visualisation Suite) 14:00-15:00

Investigation of defects in solids is one of the most interesting topics in the TEM field. It includes direct observation of defects, understanding the formation mechanisms of defects, and revealing relation between the defects and the properties of the materials. In this talk, some typical defects in crystals will be discussed, including layered defects, point defects, twin defects and grain boundaries, etc. It will be demonstrated how we can enrich our knowledge of solid state materials from the microscopic studies of defects. The observation of a large number of defects in single-crystal like particles led to the discovery of the reversed crystal growth route. This non-classic crystal growth phenomenon has been now found in zeolites, metals, metal oxides and most recently, organic crystals.

Wuzong Zhou is Professor in Chemistry at St Andrews University. He obtained his BSc in 1982 (Fudan University), PhD in 1988 (University of Cambridge) under supervision of Professor Sir John M. Thomas and Dr. David A. Jefferson. He then pursued his research in Cambridge for 11 years as a Research Assistant, Research Associate, Research Fellow of Queens’ College (1987-1990) and Assistant Director of Research (1993-1998). In 1999, he moved to St. Andrews University to set up a new Electron Microscopy Laboratory. His interests are in solid state chemistry in general and high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) in particular. He has a longstanding interest in the synthesis and characterization of solid state materials, including high Tc superconductors, mixed metal oxides, mesoporous materials, carbon nanotubes and many other nanomaterials. Two of his recent research activities are microscopic studies of early stage crystal growth and defects in solids. He has published more than 280 scientific papers including more than 10 HRTEM-related review articles/book chapters.

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