Christmas Lectures 2017

The College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences Christmas Lectures return with another series of engaging scientific talks. Join us for free on 13 December 2017. 

Where and when

Alumni Auditorium, The Forum, Streatham Campus EX4 4SZ

10.30am arrival for 11am start. 2pm finish (includes lunch break) 


Dr Nicolas Pugeault
Driverless cars and computer vision


Dr Hannah Hughes
I lava you: The story of magma and metals

Let’s explore the types of metals that are found in igneous rocks around the world; how do they occur and what can they tell us about where lavas come from? What can they tell us about the deep Earth and how it formed? And can any of this inform us in our search of metals to sustain our technology-hungry world?

Dr Corrina Cory
Injury biomechanics: From crime to care

Discover how injury biomechanics research was pioneered by the automotive and aerospace industries in the 1930s. Since then, forensic injury biomechanics has used the advanced techniques developed by these industries to investigate injuries sustained in scenarios such as pushes from height, assaults and terrorist bomb attacks. You’ll also learn how we are currently applying these techniques as part of healthcare facilities design, to improve the safety and wellbeing of patients.

Professor Tim Harries
Massive stars: Live fast, die young

In this lecture we investigate the short but spectacular lives of the Galaxy’s most massive stars, which shine up to a million times more brightly than our Sun. The light they emit is powerful enough to drive stellar winds at thousands of kilometres per second, and to create glowing nebulae many light-years across. At the end of their lives they explode as cataclysmic core-collapse supernovae, spraying heavy elements into the Galaxy as they turn into black holes.