Professor Peter Cox is a leading climate change expert who leads on the key research theme of Climate Change and Sustainable Futures.

Exeter climate change professor addresses World Security Forum

On Wednesday (22 October) a leading climate change expert from the University of Exeter addressed the World Security Forum in Abu Dhabi.

Professor Peter Cox, Met Office Chair in Climate Systems Dynamics, gave a stark warning of what will happen if we do not adequately reduce emissions from fossil fuels.

Professor Cox, who is from the School of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, said: “In order to tackle climate change it is essential that economic development is uncoupled from carbon dioxide emissions. We need a revolution in the way the way we all use and generate energy. To minimize the risk of dangerous climate change we need to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions by at least 60% by 2050, and that means a cut of about 80% in emissions per person for the UK, and a cut of about 95% in the emissions per person in the UAE”.

However, he was optimistic for the future, saying: “This is a huge challenge for us, but it is one that we can meet if we work together.”

Professor Cox also spoke about how research at institutions like the University of Exeter is helping us to understand climate change and how, as a mathematician, he is improving prediction methods. He emphasized the importance of investing in new technologies so we can move away from fossil fuel dependency towards more sustainable energy sources.

Held at Abu Dhabi’s famous Emirates Palace Hotel, this major conference included presentations from world class experts on security issues including terrorism, natural disasters and disease, as well as climate change.

Date: 24 October 2008

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