Prof. Chris Lawrence of QinetiQ describing the challenges involved in industrial research during induction week.

+ About XM2

XM2 - the EPSRC Centre of Doctoral Training in Metamaterials - is now inviting applications for fully-funded 4-year studentships starting in 2015. Click here for application instructions.

XM2 - A holistic approach to doctoral training in metamaterial research

We have designed our programme so that our students start undertaking research from day one, yet we have also front-loaded much of the additional training programme to ensure that they can develop the skills they need at the earliest opportunity. One of the great strengths of doctoral cohort training is the additional benefits that we can provide our students over and above that available in a traditional PhD programme. In the first year our students undertake training in Creativity (as part of the EPSRC’s Creativity@Home programme), Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC), and teaching, as well as taking courses targeted at the skills they will need to undertake their day-to-day research such as presentation skills, computational modelling and programming etc. As students progress into subsequent years their training will focus on Leadership and Project Management, and the opportunity to undertake scientific outreach. They will also attend the Vitae GRADschool where they will have the opportunity to broaden many of these non-technical skills further.