2018 projects

Current opportunities

We are currently recruiting to the following studentship projects. All our studentships are funded* and some also have an industry partner associated with them.

To apply for a project, please read its description and then follow the instructions on the How to apply page.

The closing date for applications is 31 July 2018 but you are advised to apply as soon as possible.

Project title

External collaborator

Antenna efficiency and match manipulation using metamaterials

yes; EPSRC iCase;

stipend top-up available; UK nationals only

New materials and structures that control the propagation of acoustic radiation

yes; UK nationals only; Prosperity Partnership
Optical detection of magnetization dynamics induced by spin-orbit torques yes; further funding available

To model and manipulate material scatter effects to control the propagation of electromagnetic radiation

yes; UK nationals only; Prosperity Partnership
Towards flexible micro-endoscopy: compressive characterisation and control of light propagation through multi-mode optical fibres  

Projects taken

A quantum thermodynamic study to improve magnetic data storage  
Advanced magnetic materials for radio, microwave and millimetre-wave applications


stipend top-up available

All dielectric phase-change metamaterial-based holography


stipend top-up available

Control of flow-induced near-field noise through the use of metasurfaces

yes; EPSRC iCase; UK nationals only; stipend top-up available

Detection of magnetic meta-atom dynamics by x-ray ferromagnetism resonance yes
Excitation of spin waves in magnetic elements using surface acoustic waves yes; in-kind contribution
Experimental topics in the manipulation of sound using metamaterials and metasurfaces yes
Magnetoelastic metamaterials for lab-on-a-chip technology yes
Metasurfaces and phononic crystals for manipulating fluid flow and acoustics yes;

stipend top-up available

Microscopy in scattering media  
Nanoscale Infrared Biomolecule Spectroscopy (NIBS)  
Optically induced magnetization dynamics of magnetic exchange spring metamaterials yes
Photosynthetic Metamaterials  
Plasmonic-enhanced organic photovoltaics for wearable applications yes
Probing mechanics in quantum mechanics – Josephson nano-resonator metamaterials


Robert Brown studentship; stipend top-up available

Solid State Refrigeration using 2D/Meta materials  
Strong light-matter interactions in perovskites  
Terahertz photonic metadevices with carbon nanomaterials  
Testing fluctuation relations of conformal changes of biomolecules  
The development of novel electronic and photonic metadevices for adaptive multispectral imaging in the infrared  

yes; UK nationals only; Prosperity Partnership;

stipend top-up available

Two-dimensional metamaterial batteries  
Ultrafast single photon sources yes

*Please note that for non-EU students, funding will cover international tuition fees and project costs only. More information on the value of the award can be found on the How to apply page.

Optically induced magnetization dynamics of magnetic exchange spring metamaterials