2017 Projects

We are currently recruiting to the following projects


Acoustic imaging in turbid environments

Advancing single molecule detection with strong light-matter interactions on plasmonic nanostructures PROJECT OFFERED TO APPLICANT

Bio-Chemical Sensing with Photonic Metamaterials - PROJECT OFFERED TO APPLICANT

Broadband acoustic energy harvesting using acoustic metamaterials

Cell sorting using surface acoustic waves and phononic crystals PROJECT OFFERED TO APPLICANT

Control of flow-induced near-field noise through the use of metasurfaces

Design and characterisation of 3D metamaterials fabricated using additive manufacturing PROJECT OFFERED TO APPLICANT

Experimental Topics in Controlling Sound with Acoustic Metamaterials

Flexible Hyperspectral Infrared Detectors

Magnetic materials with ultralow damping for magnonic metamaterials and devices

Magnetic metamaterials for innovative solutions to the inductive tagging problem - PROJECT OFFERED TO APPLICANT

Magnetic meta-matter out of equilibrium

Magnetization dynamics of magnetic metamaterials induced by femtosecond optical pulses - PROJECT OFFERED TO APPLICANT

Matched impedance high index materials for antennas

Micro-acoustic arrays for active sound control - PROJECT OFFERED TO APPLICANT

Mid-infrared phase-change metadevices

Multifunctional Luminescent Monolayered Quantum Dots for Cancer Theranostics

Nanoscale patterning of interfaces for thermo-electrics - PROJECT OFFERED TO APPLICANT

Organic light emitting devices with plasmonic and GraphExeter enhanced efficiency - PROJECT OFFERED TO APPLICANT

Plasmon Gain in 2D materials - PROJECT OFFERED TO APPLICANT

Plasmonic Metamaterials for Single Photon Sources and Quantum Technology - PROJECT OFFERED TO APPLICANT

Plasmonic-enhanced organic photovoltaics on textiles

Plasmonic tuning of nanoparticle constructs - Developing new tools for nanomedicine

Sensing the dynamics of a metamaterial and its constituent parts with a near-field optical antenna

Single photon frequency conversion with non-linear metamaterials

Solid State Refrigeration using 2D/Meta materials

SYnthesizing 3D METAmaterials for RF, Microwave and THz Applications-SYMETA  - PROJECT OFFERED TO APPLICANT

Terahertz detectors using novel metamaterials approaches

The demonstration of room temperature (RT) quantum electrical analogues of optical elements and circuits - PROJECT OFFERED TO APPLICANT

Theoretical models of a new class of magneto-elastic metamaterials - PROJECT OFFERED TO APPLICANT