2018 cohort

Beth Staples

Control of flow-induced near-field noise through the use of metasurfaces

Benjamin Pearce

Metasurfaces and Phononic Crystals for Manipulating Fluid Flow and Acoustics

Connor Sait

A quantum thermodynamic study to improve magnetic data storage

Conor Price

Two-dimensional Metamaterial Batteries

David Newman

Detection of magnetic meta-atom dynamics by x-ray ferromagnetism resonance

Dean Patient

Solid State Refrigeration using 2D/Meta materials)

Euan Humphreys

The development of novel electronic and photonic metadevices for adaptive multispectral imaging in the infrared

Hannah Barnard

Nanoscale Infrared Biomolecule Spectroscopy (NIBS)

Ineta Grikalaite

Terahertz photonic metadevices with carbon nanomaterials 

Joe Shields

All dielectric phase-change metamaterial-based holography

Jacob Binsley

Magnetoelastic metamaterials for lab-on-a-chip technology

Jamie Le Signe

Probing mechanics in quantum mechanics – Josephson nano-resonator metamaterials

Katie Lewis

Advanced Magnetic Materials for Radio, Microwave and Millimetre-wave applications

Karl Jonas Riisnaes

Strong light-matter interactions in perovskites

Kavya Sadanandan

Plasmonic-enhanced organic photovoltaics for wearable applications

Konstantinos Othon Chatzimpaloglou

Optical detection of magnetization dynamics induced by spin orbit torques

Lucy Annett

Optically induced magnetization dynamics of magnetic exchange spring metamaterials

Narima Eering

Testing fluctuation relations of conformal changes of biomolecules

Oliver Latcham

Excitation of spin waves in magnetic elements using surface acoustic waves

Rachel Lennon

Towards flexible micro-endoscopy: compressive characterisation and control of light propagation through multi-mode optical fibres

Sara-Kate Lavers

Microscopy in scattering media

Valentin Haemmerli

Ultrafast single photon sources

Wai Jue Tan

Photosynthetic Metamaterials