2017 cohort

Conor Murphy

Organic light emitting devices with plasmonic and GraphExeter enhanced efficiency

David Tatnell

Micro-acoustic arrays for active sound control

Emily Glover

Magnetic metamaterials for innovative solutions to the inductive tagging problem

Iago Rodriguez Diez

Bio-chemical sensing with photonic metamaterials

Ioannis Leontis

The demonstration of room temperature (RT) quantum electrical analogues of optical elements and circuits

Jessica Brown

Cell sorting using surface acoustic waves and phononic crystals

Justus Bohn

Plasmon gain in 2D materials

Konstantinos-Andreas Anastasiou

Flexible hyperspectral infrared detectors

Pavel Petrov

Design and characterisation of 3D metamaterials fabricated using additive manufacturing

Peter Inzani

Theoretical models of a new class of magneto-elastic metamaterials 

Shane Davies

Nanoscale patterning of interfaces for thermo-electrics

Simon Baber

Plasmonic metamaterials for single photon sources and quantum technology