2015 cohort

Angus Laurenson

Spin-wave interference in magnonic structure: Bragg scattering and beyond

Ben Hogan

2D liquid composites for integrated optoelectronic devices on Si

Carlota Ruiz de Galarreta

Electronically controllable optical wavefront shaping with phase change materials

Charlie-Ray Mann

Dirac Metamaterials

Cheng Shi

2D/Meta-materials Infrared Optoelectronic Devices

Craig Tollerton

Novel 2D materials for plasmonics and photonics

Henry Fernandez

Electronic and optical study of hybrid light-matter states

Joe Morgan

Lightweight, transparent and sustainable Metamaterials

Joseph Beadle

Exploration of acoustic waveguiding

Joshua Hamilton

Magnetically actuated bio-inspired metamaterials

Kishan Menghrajani

Excitonics: an organic route to Metamaterials

Liam Trimby

Chalcogenide perfect absorbers for the detection and modulation of infra-red radiation

Miguel Camacho Aguilar

Thin metal multilayers for microwave applications

Natalie Whitehead

Magnonics, Spintronics and Magnetic Metamaterials

Tom Collier

Carbon nanotube arrays for THz generation: Theory and applications

Vicky Kyrimi

Surface acoustic waves in meta-materials

Yulia Dautova

Microwave Metamaterials