2014 cohort

Alba Paniagua Diaz

Imaging in turbid and opaque media

Ben Ash

Microphononic crystals


Cameron Gallagher

Domain structure and microwave characteristics of particulate magnetic composites.

Christopher King

Using complex coordinates in optics

Conor McKeever

Microscopic modelling of interacting magnetic particle assemblies in a dielectric medium at microwave frequencies

Erick Burgos

Time resolved imaging of spin transfer oscillator arrays: towards active magnetic microwave metamaterials

Ilya Starshynov

Spontaneous generation of quantum correlations in natural media

Jake Mehew

Novel opto-electronic devices based on graphene plasmonics

Laicong Deng

Nanoporous graphene materials for electrochemical energy storage and conversion applications

Lauren Barr

Chiral and magneto-optical phenomena in the near field of metamaterials

Sam Shelley

Metamaterial concepts for the control of hydrodynamic flow

Santiago García-Cuevas Carrillo

Phase change metamaterials for optoelectronic device applications

Thomas Graham

Minimising the acoustic reflection from structured surfaces

Toby Octon

Plasmonic 2D metal-dichalcogenide photodetectors for optical fibre communications applications

Sathya Sai Seetharaman

Hyperbolic metamaterials and the emission of EM radiation

Tanveer Ahmad Tabish

Development of graphene nanostructures for use in anti-cancer nanomedicine

Tim Spicer

Excitation of picosecond magnetization dynamics by spin transfer torque